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CD Drama. Macross Generations 1 y 2 (resumen del guion)

Como sabran algunos, los cd drama de macross, son programas de radio que se han efectuado con un guion e historia, y luego se han pasado a cd.
Ahora les traigo el resumen del radio drama: Macross Generation 1st half y 2nd half. que los disfruten, porque es info dificil de encontrar.

Macross Generation episode 1
Aired: 1997.02.08

Cast: Passel (Tamura Yukari), Volf (Hiyama Nobuyuki), Gana (Koyasu Takehito), Lafare (Ogata Megumi), Canary (Sakurai Tomo), and narration (Sakakibara Yoshiko).

The song Ai Oboeteimasuka by Canary was playing.. Then Passel (who was in a park in the middle of the night) started to sing along too. Passel was a young girl who wanted to become a musical star like Canary. Passel was singing and dancing in the rain, when she met Volf. But some bad guys were after Volf (an assassin), so Volf ran away.

When the bad guys were trying to question Passel, a guy on a motorcycle came by and save her. The guy was Lafare, who was a CBR (cosmo bike race) racer.

Passel was going to the audition for the Lin Minmei Monogatari (a musical) the following week.


Macross Generation episode 2
Aired: 1997.02.15

New cast: Lyza (Yoshida Sayuri).

Lyza and Passel were watching the motorcycle race. Lyza was a friend of Lafare, and cheered for him.

Volf and Gana were at the race track, but Volf was watching Passel. Volf had gotten the rights for all "goods" sale at the race. But he wanted more. He wanted everything that had to do with the race.

Lafare, in his first race, placed 6th.

After the race, Lyza and Passel went to see Lafare. Lyza was surprised that Passel knew Lafare, and Passel was starting to feel unsure about her own feelings.


Macross Generation episode 3
Aired: 1997.02.22

The final audition for the "Lin Minmei Monogatari" was taking place. The finalists were going to dance and sing in front of the judges. One of the special guest judges was Canary Minmei. Each girl had 10 minutes each, but the judges can tell the girls to quit at any time.

The first girl was Seagull, who was a very good dancer. Lyza and Passel were also finalists, and they were watching Seagull. They thought that Seagull was very good, but the judges stopped Seagull. Passel lost her confidence, saying that she wasn't as good as Seagull.

Meanwhile Volf and Gana were walking, and some guys were tailing them. Volf and Gana ran and the followers fired at them.

It was contestant number 35 Passel's turn. She was so nervous that she had to have Lyza tell her that it was her turn.

Passel sang a song that she had written herself, and danced. She was nervous, but she tried her best. Passel was able to sing until the end, but both Lyza and she noticed that she wasn't able to perform her best.

Passel was very disappointed and ran off to cry.

When Passel was washing her face, Canary came. Canary said that Passel did very well and told her not to give up. (Passel had said that she was no good.)

Passel was very happy for having Canary cheering her on.


Macross Generation episode 4
Aired: 1997.03.01

Volf and Gana were hiding in a construction site. The guys chasing them tossed some grenades to scare them out. Gana started to panic. Gana had been in space before, and had a frightening experience against the Zentradi. Gana ran out and Volf tried to save him. But Volf got hit.

Lafare was working at the construction site, and complained to Volf and Gana about the commotion. But Lafare agreed to help Volf with his cosmo-bike.

The police arrived and captured everyone else.

Lafare and Volf talked a little while they escaped.


Macross Generation episode 5
Aired: 1997.03.08

Passel was at home feeling down. She was waiting for the mailman every day, hoping that the acceptance letter from the Lin Minmei Monogatari audition would come. But it didn't come.

Then a very happy Lyza came over. Lyza was feeling happy because she had been accepted as a member of the Lin Minmei Monogatari performers. Passel said that Lyza danced very well, and knew that she would be accepted.

When asked Lyza asked about Passel, Passel said that she didn't get the acceptance letter. Lyza told her not to lose hope, but Passel said that she wasn't good enough. Then Lyza started laughing.

Lyza handed Passel a letter that she found near Passel's mailbox. Passel was scared, but she opened it, and found out that she had been accepted too.

Lafare called Passel and congratulated her. He told her that the real race will begin now.

[Passel's song]


Macross Generation episode 6
Aired: 1997.03.15

New character: Dusty (Suzuoki Hirotaka).

Passel and the other girls were having the rehearsals for the Lin Minmei Monogatari musical. The director was Minerva, but Dusty was the one in charge of teaching the dancers.

Passel wasn't doing things the way Dusty wanted. She said that she didn't like the way he was teaching. So Dusty told her that she didn't have to come to the rehearsals any more.

Lyza told Passel that she should go apologize to Dusty, but Passel was stubborn and didn't want to.

Passel didn't understand herself. She was thinking to herself in the rain. Then she heard Canary's voice. Canary was singing and dancing in the rain.

Canary noticed Passel and they talked about Passel's problem. Canary said that Passel was just like herself. She also talked about Dusty's way of teaching, and that she didn't agree with it either. Canary said that she understood what Passel was facing. She told Passel to have confidence in herself.

Passel was happy that Canary understood her feelings.

["Yuuki wo Kudasai" began playing in the background.]

Macross Generation episode 7
Aired: 1997.03.22

[this episode was over 12 minutes long]

Lyza was with Lafare. She told him about Passel fighting with the director. Lyza was worried, but Lafare agreed with Passel. Lyza got upset at Lafare and said that she would go apologize to Dusty in place of Passel.

Meanwhile Passel was practicing her dances by herself.

Dusty was showing Mr. Sam the participants of the musical. Sam was looking for an image character for International Electric Company. They wanted Canary Minmei, but Canary had refused. Since nobody could match Canary, Sam decided to try a new idea, of using the combination of the cosmo racer Lafare and a new musical star.

Sam looked at the pictures and chose Passel. Dusty said that Passel was very stubborn, and wasn't a good choice, but Sam insisted upon Passel. He said that she had a special sparkle that others didn't have.

Then Lyza came to the room. She had overheard the talk about Passel being chosen to pair up with Lafare.

Volf and Gana were spying on Sam. They knew that he must be plotting something by joining International Electric Company. Volf told Gana to keep an eye on Sam.

At the rehearsal, Dusty asked Lyza what she wanted to discuss with him. Lyza was going to talk about Passel, but Lyza changed her mind and asked Dusty to watch her dance and sing "Zero G Love". Lyza loved this song, as this was the song that reminded her of Lafare and her love for him. When Lyza finished her dance, Dusty said that she did well.

Passel got a call from Dusty. Dusty told her about being chosen as the campaign girl for International Electric Company. He told her that she can start coming to the rehearsals from the next day. Passel was puzzled..

Lafare went to Passel, and asked if she had heard about the campaign. Passel said that she had just heard about it. After Lafare went off, Passel felt something warm in her heart. She wondered if this was love.


Macross Generation episode 8
Aired: 1997.03.29

Passel was always thinking about Lafare recently. But she knew Lyza loved Lafare, so she couldn't fall in love with him.

Passel was with Lyza. Passel had to go to a resort island for her campaign work. She asked Lyza to go with her. Then Lyza told Passel that they were friends, but they were also rivals. But Lyza said that she was joking, and said that she would go with Passel.

Meanwhile, Volf was practicing with a laser gun. Gana came and gave him the information about Sam. International Electric Company wanted Canary, but Canary had refused them. So they asked for other ideas, and Sam's idea was chosen. But Electric still didn't want to give up on Canary. So Volf told Gana to find about about Canary.

Volf and Gana went to see Canary, who was alone on a cliff by the sea. Volf went to talk to Canary alone.

Canary said, "I like looking at the deserted sea."

But Volf knew that Canary wanted to die. He told Canary that she shouldn't give up. Canary said that she was happy to meet Volf, and regained her courage. Then Canary went off.

Gana came up to Volf and asked why he didn't get her to agree to be the image girl.

Volf: I wouldn't hesitate killing someone to reach my dream. But I don't want to use a girl who is thinking about committing suicide.

Gana wondered if Volf had fallen in love with Canary.

Passel and Lafare were getting their pictures taken. They were supposed to be lovers. The cameraman asked them to get closer, and put more passion in the poses.

Passel: Being held tightly by Lafare.. His hot lips are.. I.. I..


Macross Generation episode 9
Aired: 1997.04.05

Sam asked Dusty to bring Passel over to his resort home. He wanted to be alone with Passel. Sam also gave Dusty a large pile of money.

But Lyza had overheard this deal..

Meanwhile Lafare was with Passel, staring at the sky. Lyza saw them, and she noticed the way that Lafare was looking at Passel. She thought that Lafare never looked at her that way.

Passel felt that there was someone watching them.

Dusty told Passel that Sam wanted to invite her for dinner. He told her that Lafare would also come. (He lied.) Then Passel got into Dusty's car and went off.

Lafare was with Lyza. Lyza told Lafare not to get too close to Passel. Lafare said that he was just acting his part as an image character. Then Lyza told Lafare about Passel going to Sam's place. Lafare got upset because Lyza hadn't told Passel about it. Lyza said that Passel would be taken out of the musical if she didn't go.

Lafare got mad and took off.

Lyza said to herself that she knew this would happen. She said that everything she wanted always got taken away from her.


Macross Generation episode 10
Aired: 1997.04.12

Sam was going after Passel in his resort house. Passel was trying to escape. Sam said that he can give her the role of Lin Minmei, but Passel said that she didn't want the role this way.

Meanwhile Lafare was rushing to the resort house on his cosmo bike. He saw Dusty's car coming toward him. Lafare stopped Dusty and pounded him, trying to get the location of Sam's resort house.

Passel was still trying to escape from Sam. Then a Valkyrie came crashing into the house. It was Volf, who had come to discuss something with Sam.

Then Lafare arrived. Volf told Lafare to take Passel. Passel and Lafare left.

Volf had come to take Sam's contract that he made with Electric Company. Volf said that he would shoot Sam if he didn't give it to him.

On the way back, Lafare asked Passel if it was all right. Passel wouldn't be able to participate in the musical, and won't be able to be the image girl any more. But Passel said that it was all right.

Lyza apologized to Passel. Passel said that it was all right, and it was her own fault. Passel said she wanted to be friends with Lyza.

Gana was very happy to get the contract. But Volf said that he wanted to get everything in Macross, and he was going to use any dirty means to get it.

Canary had a concert. Passel was with her. Canary found out that Passel would be able to participate in the musical. Instead of Passel, it was Dusty that got taken off.

Canary told Passel that she had been tired of being an idol. But because she met someone at the beach, and because she saw how hard Passel was trying, she felt like being an idol again.

Passel said, "I want to become like Canary. I'll sing and dance."

Canary went out onto the stage and sang "Tenshi no Enogu".



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Macross 7 Galaxy Song Battle 3 (OST Review)

Image Hosted by

Formato: Compact Disc

Incluye un booklet con el script así como viene empacado en una caja de carton tamaño CD
Victor Entertainment/Shogakukan
3 de Abril de 1996
Y3,000 (Impuestos incluidos)

Este disco contiene partes y diálogos que no pudieron ser anexados a los primeros episodios de Macross 7 TV Series (episodios del 41 al 49). Así como también se agregaron eventos que no salieron en la serie de TV.

Adicionalmente. Este disco tiene una característica especial. Al ser reproducido en un Laser Disc Player podemos observar un corto de 10 minutos con animación nueva que no fué anexada a la serie de TV. En este disco podemos ver un sueño de Mylene bastante gracioso sobre el futuro de Fire Bomber y su imaginario matrimonio con Basara.

(info extraida de macross generations)


Macross Song Collection (1984) (OST Review)

Image Hosted by

Formato: Long Play (LP)
No de Serie: JBX-25056
Compañia: Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
Fecha de Salida: 5 de Diciembre 1984
P recio: ¥ 2500

Formato: Cassette
No. de Serie: VCK-6127
Compañia: Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
Fecha de Salida: 5 de Diciembre 1984
Precio: ¥2500

Formato: CD
No de Serie: VDR-1013
Compañia: Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
Fecha de Salida: 21 Marzo 1985
Precio: ¥3008

01 Ai, Oboete Imasuka. (El Amor ¿Lo Recuerdas?)
02 Watashi no Kare wa Pairotto Part I (Mi Novio es un Piloto, Parte I)
03 Sunset Beach
04 Haruka Naru Omoi (Recuerdos Distantes)
05 Ai wa Nagareru (El Amor Se Desvanece)
06 Shao Pai Long (Pequeño Dragón Blanco)
07 O-G Love
08 Macross
09 Tenshi no Enogu (Pinturas de Ángel)
10 Hoshi no Sasayaki (Murmullo de una Estrellas)
11 My Beautiful Place
12 Kaza no Naka (Debajo de una Sombrilla)
13 Silver Moon, Red Moon
14 Watashi no Kare wa Pairotto Part II (Mi Novio es un Piloto, Parte II)
15 Yasashisa Sayonara (Gentil Adiós)
16 Runner

Bonus Track (Sólo incluido en su versión en CD)
17 Special Blend

Tras el éxito de la Serie de TV, como de la Película, se editó este disco, el cual reúne los temas principales de estos trabajos. Y que sería el primero de una larga lista de recopilaciones de Macross que llevan el título Song Collection.
En este se incluyeron los poco publicitados temas incluidos en los TV Dramas, como Hoshi no Sasayaki, a cargo de Mari Iijima (voz de Minmay), Haruka naru Omoi y Kaza no Naka, ambos interpretado por Mika Doi (voz de Misa Hayase) y que serian complementados las canciones ya reconocidas de la Serie de TV y de la Película.
Es importante mencionar que sólo unos cuantos meses después de su lanzamiento en los entonces tradicionales formatos (LP y Cassette), fue editado en CD. Para esta versión se agregó un bonus track, el cual fue titulado Special Blend. Dicho track fue una mezcla especial de varios temas de fondo de la serie de TV, que no habían sido editados en ese momento (todos los temas de dicho track, serian posteriormente incluidos en el disco 3 de Macross: The Complete). Por este pequeño detalle, la versión en CD fue editado bajo el nombre de Macross Song Collection - Special.

(info extraida de macross generations)


Macross 7 Second Fire!! (OST Review)

Image Hosted by

Formato: Compact Disc
No. Serie: VICL-574
Compañía: Victor Entertainment Inc.
Precio: ¥ 3,000

01 1•2•3•4•5•6•7 Nights
02 Fall
03 Diamond Calling
04 Kimi ni Todoke (Acercandome a ti)
05 Power to the Dream
06 Sprial Answer
07 …Dakedo Baby!! (…Pero Bebé!!)
08 Holy Lonely Light (Duet Version)
09 Light The Light
10 Try Again

Este disco recopiló las canciones usadas en la segunda parte de la serie, con la sola excepción de Pillow Dream. Al igual que el Let´s Fire!! esta interpretado por Humming Bird y Chie Kajiura. En este disco, empieza a reflejar el sonido propio de Humming Bird, demostrando la clara influencia que el grupo, y en especial Yoshiki Fukuyama, tiene del grupo Queen. Por esto, este titulo resulta ser un disco mas inclinado al Rock que el Let´s Fire!!.

(info extraida de macross generations)


Mi Opinion

Como decia la info que me precede, es verdad el estilo derivado de Queen, lo pueden observar en el tema 1234567 nights, en diamond calling... como fan de queen que soy, me parece fabuloso que Fukuyama lo haya tomado de inspiracion.
Todos los tracks del cd, son muy buenos en verdad, destaco casi todos los temas, cmo agregado particular, tienen el tema holy lonely night en version dueto, que se puede escuchar en una parte de la serie.


Macross 7 Radio Fire !! (OST Review)

Image Hosted by

Formato: Compact Disc
No. Serie: VICL-60259
Compañia: Victor Entertaiment Inc.
Fecha de Salida: 2 de Septiembre 1998
Precio: ¥ 3,045

01 Call Sign [ZZNKQB]
02 CM 1
03 Encore Hour - Zomeo & Zulliet 1, Parte 127
04 Elma - Elma no Planet Dance (Planet Dance de Elma)
05 ZZ Radio Insert - Programa: Canciones de la Mañana
06 Basara Nekki - Angel Voice
07 Maria - Mizu no you na, Ai no you na
(Como Agua, Como Amor)
08 CM 2
09 Encore Hour - Zomeo & Zulliet 2, Parte 203
10 Elma & Basara Nekki - Yume no Michi - On The Zola Road (Camino de Sueños - En el camino de Zola)
11 CM 3
12 Encore Hour - Zomeo & Zulliet 3, Parte 299
13 Basara Nekki & Elma - My Soul For You - Zola Dreaming
14 Karaoke Banban
15 Angel Voice (Karaoke Version)
16 New Frontier (Karaoke Version)
17 CM 4
18 Encore Hour - Zomeo & Zulliet 4, Parte Final
19 Basara Nekki & Elma - Planet Dance in Zola
20 Fold Stream
21 Fire Bomber - Starlight Dream
22 Fire Bomber - Na mo naki Hate de no Michi de
( En El Pueblo Fronterizo sin Nombre)
23 Fold Stream - Call Sign [ZZNKQB]

Transmitiendo desde Zora, la estación ZZNKQB. Este disco fue realizado con un formato de Radio, donde tenemos desde comerciales hasta la interesante Radio Novela Zomeo & Zulliet, sin olvidar, claro, la selección musical.
Zomeo & Zulliet, nombre que juega con la clásica Romeo y Julieta de William Shakespeare y el nombre Zola, es presentada en varias partes, que nos permiten englobar la historia de esta. Estas mismas pistas fueron las incluidas en los OVA's de Dynamite 7.
En este disco se incluyeron un par de nuevos temas, asi como nuevas versiones de los "clásicos" de Fire Bomber. Elma no Planet Dance, cantada por Sakaguchi Aya, quien también le diera voz a Elma durante la serie, esta interpretada en idioma Zora, tal como lo hiciera en los OVA's. Sakaguchi Aya, también participó haciendo dueto junto Basara Nekki (Yoshiki Fukuyama) en My Soul For You - Zola Dreaming, versión similar a la que fuese usada en el Acoustic Fire!! ; en Yume no Michi, canción original de Humming Bird, adaptada para este título; y finalmente en Planet Dance In Zola, donde podemos oír una mezcla nueva de este "clásico" donde Elma canta sus partes en Zola una vez mas.
Mención aparte de llevarse la hermosa canción Angel Voice. Un track donde Yoko Kanno, responsable por la hermosísima música de Macross Plus, hizo la composición y los arreglos para este track. Esto aunado a la fantástica letra y la increíble interpretación vocal de Yoshiki Fukuyama, hacen de esta canción, sin duda alguna, la mejor canción de todo el repertorio Macross 7.
También se incluyeron las versiones Karaoke de Angel Voice y de New Frontier, asi como 2 nuevos tracks por Fire Bomber, la balada Na mo naki Hate de Michi de y la rockerisima Starlight Dream, que a pesar de no haber sido usada en la serie de OVA's, resulta un potente y excelente track.
Por otra parte, la selección musical recurre tiene detalles muy buenos para los fans de Macross, ya que adicionalmente a las canciones, la música usada para musicalizar las entradas de los locutores, la Radio Novela y los comerciales son piezas originales de Macross II, Macross Plus y un par de temas instrumentales incluidos en los Galaxy Network Chart.

(info extraida de macross generation)